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Austrian brothel offers free vouchers in exchange for Covid-19 vaccine

November 10, 2021

Think about all the ways people have been enticed to get a covid-19 vaccine: money, coupons, vacations, scholarships.

Well, here is an incentive program you have not heard of – a vaccine for a voucher- to get into a brothel.

“Funpalast” in Vienna, Austria describes itself as a “sex-star saunaclub.” Males 18 and up get a voucher to get into the club for free – that means no entrance fee – as long as they agree to get vaccinated at the on-site clinic.

Women are not allowed to go to the club – so instead, they can get a voucher to a nearby gym.

The owner says it is a fun way to lend a hand in the push to get people vaccinated. It is a win-win since the club has lost between 30 and 40 per cent of its business because of the pandemic.

And all reports suggest that it is working, since the clinic gave out 149 vaccines and vouchers on Monday.

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