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Belize, Suriname condemn attack on Ukraine

February 24th, 2022

Belize today became the first CARICOM member state to condemn Russia’s “unjustified and unprovoked” attack on Ukraine.

In a statement, the John Briceno government noted that the invasion was a blatant breach of international law and of its obligations under the United Nations Charter.

The statement says “It also constitutes an unacceptable violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Russia’s actions are an assault on the international system itself and cannot be countenanced by any peace-loving state.”

Suriname has also strongly condemned the invasion, saying it regretted the developments in the Eastern Euopean region.

Both Suriname’s government and opposition were united in their condemnation of the attack with legislators in Parliament indicating that the war could also result in increased food prices, petroleum products and other goods and services.

Russian forces invaded Ukraine early on Thursday, the biggest attack by one state against another in Europe since World War Two.

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