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$2 million to help poultry farmers beat the heat

April 4, 2024

Government is injecting two million dollars to help players in the poultry industry beat the extreme heat expected in the coming months.

Confirmation of this from Minister of Agriculture Indar Weir.

He told CBC News that tomorrow his Ministry will be transferring two million dollars to the Barbados Agricultural Society’s account to help livestock farmers adapt and build resilience to climate change conditions on the island.

Last year, several poultry farmers reportedly lost thousands of chickens due to heat stress.

Additionally, Government had to import 1.9 million eggs for the 2023 yuletide season to avert a possible crisis, because layers were mostly affected by the severe heat conditions.

The Minister said poultry farmers, who will be expected to meet specific requirements to access the funds, now have the opportunity to make adjustments to their chicken pens and other infrastructure.

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