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September 16, 2022
General Manager of Barbados Water Authority, Mr. Keithroy Halliday (BWA)

While the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) is assuring customers that they can set up payment plans to pay off arrears in instalments, if they do not pay up with urgency, BWA will have difficulty producing water, and paying staff and other bills. 

General Manager of BWA, Mr. Keithroy Halliday released a statement on Friday urging customers to settle arrears by the end of October because “we’ve exercised all possible measures of leniency over the past 30 months”.

He said the Authority could not extend the grace period beyond this October as some customers continued to delay payment of their water bills, and monies owed to BWA had climbed by over $26 million. 

“This is untenable and if continued will seriously affect the Barbados Water Authority’s ability to produce water as we would not be able to pay our bills, in turn, or our salaries and our suppliers.

“If everyone makes an effort to pay for, what is arguably, the most valuable commodity and start to put the Barbados Water Authority first, we would be able to reverse the current climbing trend of arrears and ensure that we can continue to do our part and improve on the safe delivery of water and waste water services for all of us,” Halliday stated.

He encouraged indebted customers to visit BWA headquarters at The Pine Commercial Estate,  The Pine, St Michael between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm to make their payments.

“Where you are unable to settle your bill in full, or if you’re unable to, please know that our repayment teams have been trained and they are on standby to assist you in working out a most appropriate, flexible plan,” he added. (SNR/BWA)

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