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Attorneys call for change

April 5, 2023

The issue of the rights of the accused was raised on the sidelines of the Symposium on Criminal Justice in Barbados, by members of the Barbados Bar Association. They hope that coming out of the meeting, priority will be given to the protection of the rights of the accused.

Attorney with Michael Lashley and Associates, Faith Greaves, is at the centre of the matter involving an alleged cell phone in a police interview room. She says these are matters which must not be swept away.

Ms Greaves, along with the members of the Bar, have also taken issue with the fact that the investigation is not independent because police are investigating themselves. Added to this, they are concerned about the length of time before information is released on the findings.

Another attorney, Marty Garnes, who practices with Pilgrim and Associates, says while they are privileged to have been included in today’s discussions, they often feel like the stepchild.

He wants to see special attention paid to the length of time an accused is held and made reference to some international jurisdictions. Mr Garnes is not pleased with the treatment meted out to attorneys when they have to see clients at the station.

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