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Barbados will protect its waters

April 17, 2023

A Government minister is stressing the importance of Barbados’ territorial waters, and the precedence the Mia Mottley administration has placed on securing it as a valued economic zone for the island and its citizens.

Minister of Environment and National Beautification, the Green and Blue Economy, Adrian Forde, says the Government has as part of its primary focus for sustainable development, a Marine Spatial Plan of action for Barbados which it does not intend to be allowed to be compromised.

Minister Forde stressed that the Government of Barbados is committed to realising every single resource and economic potential existing from the sea. 

He was addressing an awards presentation for the International Game Fishing Ceremony at Port St. Charles, where team Barbados on board the vessel “Remember Me Now,” took the top prize. They beat out 24 other competitors from teams throughout the region including Grenada, Martinique and St. Lucia.

Minister Forde says the importance of fishing, and particularly this fishing competition, cannot be overstated, as it has generated millions of dollars in revenue for the country over the years.

He says Barbados has an ocean over 400 times its land space and the Government intends to make good on maximizing its economic benefits.

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