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Court rules on public servants involved in active politics

February 28, 2023

A High Court judgment today has deemed the section of the Public Service General Orders that prohibit public servants from participating in active politics, to be unconstitutional.

This decision was delivered by the Honourable Mr. Justice Westmin James in a case brought by civil servant Natalie Murray.

She was facing disciplinary action by the Public Service, for speaking on a political platform during an election.

At the time, Ms. Murray was employed as a Household Facilitator in the Ministry of People Empowerment & Elder Affairs.

Attorneys-at-law Senator Gregory Nicholls and Kashawn K. Wood represented Ms. Murray, while Cherisse Whitehall-Small and Nicole Boyce represented the Attorney General of Barbados.

Mr. Nicholls spoke to CBC News about the case and the decision.

He also talked about the implications of the judgment.

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