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Date set for 2023 sugar harvest

February 24, 2023

A date has been set for the 2023 sugar harvest.

It is targeted to commence on Monday, February 27, 2023.

This after discussions with all the stakeholders, including the Barbados Workers Union (BWU) and Sugar Industry Staff Association, concluded successfully.

The Research team at the Agronomy Research Department conducted a briefing on Tuesday for all cane farmers (BAMC, BSIL) on the results of the Brix Survey. The Survey was conducted across all farms in the industry, and it confirmed that the cane was reaching peak maturity and therefore had reached the targeted level of sucrose required for grinding to commence for 2023.

The Factory completed a major boiler re-tubing exercise, and I want to express my thanks for the hard work done by the staff, which allowed us to have the boilers certified for this year’s crop.  The systems within the factory have been tested successfully, and the factory will conduct the steam trial on Friday. The steam train is a final trail run of all systems before receipt and grinding of cane are started.

The estimated tons of canes to be ground is 107,000 tons, an increase of 12,558 tons or 13% year on year. The increased volume is attributed to increased acres planted and increased yield which are driven by the use of RSD-free planting material. 

The factory is projected to produce 5,229 ton of sugar and 7,100 of molasses for 2023.

The BAMC commenced the export of 22 tons of packaged sugar to the USA, with the first shipment on February 10th 2023. The next shipment is scheduled for early March. (PR)

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