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De-bushing exercise takes place near site of Arch Cot tragedy

October 21st, 2021

Residents who live near the site of the 2007 Arch Cot tragedy are breathing a sigh of relief after a major de-bushing of the area.

Workers from the National Conservation Commission descended on the site armed with weed wackers, rakes and machetes.

Member of Parliament for the area, Kirk Humphrey says residents have complained about the overgrown lot which has become a haven for vagrants and vermin.

Vowing to ensure the issue does not happen again, the MP says he has written to the National Housing Corporation and the Ministry of Transport, Works and Water Resources about getting the area behind the fence cleaned.

Meanwhile, Arch Cot Terrace resident, Alvin “KC” Best, who lives next to where the cave-in occurred, is happy action has been taken.

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