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Dental costs going up in Barbados

December 20, 2022

Dental costs are going up in Barbados.

The disclosure from the president of the Barbados Dental Association, Dr. Vidya Armogan.

He says the profession has not raised prices since the COVID-19 pandemic, despite having to change equipment and he adds that those costs will inevitably have to be passed onto the consumer.

The dental association president says the high cost of operating is also hampering efforts to get Barbados into dental tourism.

Dr. Armogan is suggesting any future raise in prices can be avoided if the government removes duties and taxes on dental equipment and supplies.

Dr. Armogan was speaking Sunday evening on the public affairs CBC TV 8 programme One-On-One.

He has issued a caution on hiring the services of entrepreneurs known as “dental quacks”.

He said the police need to clamp down on the services they offer, like teeth whitening and fashion braces.

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