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Education Ministry taking proactive measures

February 14, 2023

The Ministry of Education, Technological and Vocational Training in response to complaints from staff, has taken a proactive approach to eliminate environmental challenges and ensure their safety at its more than 100-year-old main building at the Elsie Payne Complex on Constitution Road, the City.

The Ministry in a statement revealed it has hired a project manager, an engineer and a mechanical, electrical and plumbing consultant, and engaged the services of mould remediation and air quality experts.

It is also continuing to work with the National Union of Public Workers and the Labour Department to ensure the building is a fit working environment.

The Ministry notes that to address the workers’ concerns, action has already begun on mould remediation, replacement of guttering, installation of additional airflow returns, cleaning of air conditioning ducts, and the replacement of fibreglass with foil insulation.

Once the remedial work has been completed, a full industrial cleaning, as well as air quality testing will be carried out.

To ensure the issues are tackled in the most comprehensive manner, the Ministry will also conduct an environmental assessment of the entire complex.

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