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January 7th, 2022

A Board member of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital is dismissing a note on social media as fake and malicious news.

The social media post suggests that he was benefiting from a Government contract to reconstruct the Accident and Emergency Department at the QEH.

In fact, Dr. Abdul Mohamed, who is the husband of Minister in the Ministry of Finance Marsha Caddle, stressed that as a Board member, procurement policy disqualifies him or any company he is associated with from benefiting from such awards.

According to Dr. Mohamed the main building works contract was awarded to Jada Builders Inc.

He stated that the total contract sum for that job was approximately 17 million dollars and not 36.9 million that was claimed in what he described as the erroneous and misleading message.

Dr. Mohamed says he has never benefited from any contracts at the QEH.

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