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September 17th, 2022

Minister of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs Kirk Humphrey says while Barbados has been successful in reducing mortality levels in the elderly population it has not done as good a job in reducing morbidity.

He told the national consultation on the 2023 to 2028 National Policy Ageing for Barbados, there are areas of priority which should be included.

The consultation is being held under the theme ‘Making healthy and active ageing a reality for all’.

Meanwhile, Special Advisor on Elder Affairs Cynthia Forde says its been over 20 years since the efforts to devise policies for the elderly started.

She said the island’s history was one where the extended family looked after seniors, but now it is a situation where state agencies are the ones who have to do the care now.

She believes that if organisations and civil society banded together to help the National Assistance Board, it would be better.

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