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Improved Saharan dust forecasts with BACO upgrade

August 19, 2023

Barbadians will be soon able to benefit from additional forecasts and more information on Saharan dust events and their effects.

This as the Barbados Atmospheric Chemistry Observatory will soon be upgraded thanks to a US one million dollar grant from the United States government through the US National Science Foundation.

BACO’s head, Dr. Cassandra Gaston, says the funds will assist in building out measurement capabilities at the Ragged Point, St. Philip site, which has been operating for over 50 years.

Dr. Andrea Sealy of the Caribbean Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology says the upgrades coincide with the execution of the Moisture and Aerosol Gradients/Physics of Inversion Evolution or MAGPIE field experiment.

She outlined some of the benefits of the study.

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