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Inquiries launched into correctional facilities

April 30th, 2022

Local authorities have launched inquiries into the island’s correctional facilities at Dodds and the Girls’ Industrial School.

Minister of Home Affairs Wilfred Abrahams made the announcement at a press conference this evening.

He says the move comes amid swirling rumours at the GIS since the attempted escape and subsequent escape of wards at the Barrows, St. Lucy institution.

Mr. Abrahams says Government has decided the matter must be thoroughly checked and has set a six week time frame, by June 15th for the report.

The investigation at GIS will be led by former Deputy Comissioner of Police Oral Williams, while that at Dodds will be led by Philip Pilgrim, Q.C.

Dr. Corin Bailey will be the Technical Advisor for both panels.

The concerns and complaints raised at Dodds range from staff promotions to the transport of prisoners for medical attention.

On the issue of the Girls’ Industrial School Mr. Abrahams says the matter is a troubling one for him.

The Minister of Home Affairs also responded to a question about the current state of the two wards who are back in custody. He says initial investigations showed some slack security procedures and they have been rectified where possible.

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