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Local experimental animal feed trial looking promising

July 19, 2023

A report is to be made public soon on an experimental locally manufactured animal feed.

Consultant to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, Dr. Leroy McClean revealed the results are looking promising.

He told CBC TV8’s Morning Report the feed utilises local resources.

The announcement comes as Barbados prepares to ship another flock of black belly sheep to Guyana this weekend.

The shipment comprises 300 of the animals.

The programme is a joint undertaking between Barbados and Guyana to build a regional brand of sheep to decrease the importation of lamb and mutton products into the region.

Dr. McClean says the programme has been going well with lambs already produced from the first batch.

He says once numbers are up to sustainable levels the sheep hides will be used to produce leather.

A team from Barbados is also expected to further assess the programme.

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