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Major step to develop local theatre talent

January 29, 2024

Another major step is being taken to develop the island’s theatre talent and Barbadians will get to be part of it.

In a few weeks time, come February 17, Barbadians will get to see the island’s newest artists thanks to the community drama project.

The three-month series titled, ‘Wuh En Pass Yuh En Miss Yuh: A Bajan Trio’, is scheduled to run until April.

It was proposed by Simon Alleyne and it is being executed in partnership with the Ministry of Culture with support from the National Cultural Foundation.

Through the project, a number of amateur actors and crew will be given the opportunity to hone their skills.

They’ll be working with three experienced theatre directors on three leading local literary works.

Chief Cultural Officer Andrea Wells is upbeat about the prospects for the project.

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