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‘Most resistant’ mosquito strain ever identified

January 12, 2023

Mosquitoes that transmit dengue and other viruses have evolved, developing resistance to insecticides in parts of Asia and this is a cause for concern, according to the Centre for Biosecurity Studies at the University of the West Indies.

Scientists tracking mutations in the dengue-spreading Aedes aegypti mosquito have found the ‘most resistant strain ever identified’.

They fear the mutation could also impact other Aedes-borne infectious diseases, such as Zika and yellow fever.

The strain, known as FTWC, has been found in Cambodia and Vietnam.

Director of the UWI Centre, Dr Kirk Douglas, says though the regions are far apart, with global travel the Caribbean still has to be prepared.

He was a guest on CBC TV 8’s Morning Report.

The Centre is also monitoring developments following the announcement from Ecuador of its first case of a human being infected with bird flu.

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