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NCC reminds vendors to renew licences

April 24, 2024

Local vendors licensed by the National Conservation Commission have until June 30 to renew their licences.

Vendors are required to provide a recent Police Certificate of Character as part of the renewal process.

NCC states that licences are only valid for a year and can not be transferred to another person.

Vendors are required to carry identification cards while working.

Anyone who wants to operate business in public parks, gardens, beaches, or caves must obtain a licence from the Commission, and the NCC stresses that failure to do so will be considered as a lack of interest to continue to operate.

The Commission also reminds licensed vendors that they shall not fight, use abusive language, or engage in unlawful behaviour of any kind, on the beach, park, or any other area designated as a marketplace by NCC.

Failure to comply could result in licences being revoked or suspended and those caught vending illegally may face legal action.

Additionally, vendors in possession of licence books that remain unpaid, before June 30, are advised to update their licences immediately, to continue operating without disruption.

Kiosk operators are also reminded they must not sublet or make any additions to the kiosks without written permission from the Commission.

NCC asks kiosk operators to keep their kiosks clean and ensure the payment of their licences, utility bills, outgoing payables and all other fees that may be applicable.

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