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April 16, 2024

A local pharmacist is seeking to allay fears that the drug insulin has been removed from the Barbados National Drug Formulary. 

Pharmacist at Eagle Hall Pharmacy, Derek Catlyn told CBC News no drugs have been removed from the benefits scheme, but rather the protocol of administering the drug has changed. 

Mr Catlyn explained following the Easter bank holidays a circular outlining the new protocol, which reduced the issue of up to five insulin pens per month to one, was issued.  However, he says three days later, an amendment was made to dispense two pens per month to diabetic patients. 

His comments come in the wake of an outcry across social media platforms from diabetes patients stating they will have to choose between purchasing medication or going hungry. Mr Catlyn says there is no need for patients to panic or be alarmed they will not have access to the required medicine.

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