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No confidence motion ruled invalid

April 12, 2024

A no confidence motion brought against President of the now Opposition Democratic Labour Party, Dr. Ronnie Yearwood and the entire Executive has reportedly been ruled as invalid.

It was brought by Party member, Hartley Reid.

The Executive Council of the DLP met last night to discuss the motion.

Mr. Reid in the document accused DLP General Secretary Steve Blackett and Dr. Yearwood of refusing to accept the section of the Party’s constitution which establishes the post of Political Leader – a post now held by Opposition Leader Ralph Thorne, who recently crossed the floor and rejoined the DLP.

It also charges the two continually fail to give proper guidance to the Executive and general councils.

Responding to the outcome of last night’s meeting, Mr Reid says the council should have followed the party’s constitution which addresses grievances and disciplinary action.

Mr Reid says he remains a member of the DLP as he addressed concerns regarding infighting in the Opposition party.

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