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March 5, 2023
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Crews from the Ministry of Transport, Works and Water Resources (MTWW) will continue marking, milling and paving, and carrying out other road works across the island this week.

Road Marking 

A crew will be remarking the newly paved section of road in Bank Hall, St. Michael from Passage Road through to the Bank Hall junction and up to the road near the Abundant Life Assemblies. Another team will be repainting the Clyde Walcott Roundabout along the ABC Highway from 7:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. weather permitting. Motorists are asked to proceed with caution while travelling through the work site. 

Milling & Paving

  • Carmichael Road, St. George – road paved, but remains closed, work continues
  • Belle Road, St. Michael – road passable, motorists asked to be cautious – culverts being installed
  • Belleplaine to Barclays, St. Andrew – work ongoing
  • Searles to Six Roads – shoulders paving
  • Henry Forde roundabout to Searles roundabout – completion of drainage work, sidewalk installation
  • Crane Roundabout to Sam’s Lord Castle, St Philip – paving 
  • Fustic Village, St. Lucy –drainage work, reduced to one lane, paving
  • Passage Road to Bank Hall Junction – milling and paving continues
  • Lascelles Terrace, The Pine St. Michael – paving

Ongoing Road Works

Christ Church – The Ministry is asking motorists to be cautious, especially those driving heavy-duty vehicles, while travelling through the small roundabout in Sayers Court, as the culvert needs repair. Repairs are scheduled to commence shortly. Manhole repairs, drainage works, and routine maintenance will be conducted throughout districts.

St. Peter – Work continues at Date Tree Hill where a retaining wall is being constructed, and on a footpath at Station Hill. Manholes are being constructed in Upper Castle. 

Farm Bridge has been closed until further notice following the rupture of a water main and partial collapse. Motorists are asked to avoid Farm Bridge. Access to the Ronald Mapp Highway and Speightstown can be done through Warleigh Road. 

St. James – Construction of a culvert at Berbice Road No. 2, in Fitts Village, continues; motorists are asked to divert through Berbice Road No. 1. Pothole patching and manhole repairs will continue along Highway 1.  De-bushing and routine maintenance are scheduled throughout districts. 

Contractor C.O. Williams will continue rehabilitation work on the road from Rock Dundo, Highway 2A to Gibbs on Highway 1.

St. Michael – Half of the slipper at the entrance to Dash Gap has been completed, the other half will commence this week. Work on the permanent mini-roundabout at the junction of Codrington Road and Waterford has been completed however, additional landscape work is being carried out. A broken culvert near the entrance to the Princess Alice Bus Terminal is being repaired. Manhole covers are being repaired at Barbarees Hill, throughout the parish and The City. 

St. George – The installation of bridge posts in Church Bottom has been completed. The construction of a concrete drain at Dash Valley continues. Curb installation is ongoing at Jordan’s/Workman’s. Road widening at that junction has been completed. 

St. Joseph/St. Andrew – Work continues on a retaining wall at Bissex/Chalky Mount, on the footpath at Belleplaine, and on the gabion stabilization project at Trio Path. The temporary road at Bawden’s remains open, motorists are asked to proceed with caution.

St. John – Concrete is being poured for the construction of footpaths in Small Town; the road is also being reinstated. Work continues on the construction of a road in Malvern, and on two entrances at Codrington College. 

St. Thomas – Construction of a haunch wall on Ashford Main Road is ongoing, while a haunch wall was completed in Sturges. Pot-hole patching continues throughout the district.

St. Lucy – Preparation for paving continues at Peterses. Work on the road construction at Lowlands also continues. 

St. Philip – Work is ongoing at Brereton No. 2. Pot-hole patching, de-bushing, and routine maintenance are expected to continue throughout districts.

MTWW advises pedestrians and motorists to obey traffic wardens, pay attention to signs, and exercise due care and attention when traversing work sites. 

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