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Queen’s College takes majority of scholarships

December 31st, 2021

Queen’s College took 4 of the 6 scholarships awarded this year with Harrison College attaining the other 2.

Chief Education Officer Dr. Ramona Archer-Bradshaw made the announcement at a Zoom conference this morning.

The scholarship winners from Queen’s College are Megan Best, Meladee Carter, Ella-Jean Evelyn and Khaleel Kothdiwala, and from Harrison College Nathan Chee-A-Tow and Vinati Melawani.

During the virtual event, the Chief Education Officer also spoke about the Exhibitions, and the Award of Excellence which went to the Barbados Community College.

The Dr. Archer-Bradshaw says the road to today’s announcement was filled with anxiety and frustration but the Ministry did all in its power to resolve the issues.

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