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‘Unspecified threat’ on flight prompts security response at GAIA

November 18, 2023

***UPDATE*** The GAIA says following a comprehensive search of the aircraft, passengers and crew, the all-clear has been given for all 190 passengers to go.


An unspecified threat on an aircraft scheduled to land in Barbados this afternoon prompted a security response from the GAIA, the Barbados Police Service and other relevant authorities.

In a GAIA statement received moments ago, they shared that at approximately 2:10 p.m., the control tower was alerted to the threat.

Due to the immediate proximity of the aircraft to Barbados, officials deemed it unfeasible to reroute the flight to an alternate destination.

Officials say in response to this critical situation, they have initiated a comprehensive security protocol.

GAIA management says their primary focus is the safety and well-being of all 190 passengers and crew aboard the aircraft, and they are committed to conducting a thorough investigation to resolve this situation swiftly and securely.

Reports indicate the Canine Unit has been employed to assist with the probe.

The airline has not been named by GAIA, but they note that the outgoing flight has been cancelled and they are working to provide alternative travel arrangements for affected passengers.

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