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January 12th, 2022

A male who was seen wandering in the Melrose, St Thomas area yesterday has been identified and “will be taken to his parent at a specified location,” police noted.

Police at District ‘D’ Police Station sought the assistance of the public in identifying this person last evening, after he was seen wandering in Melrose, St Thomas at the L&M Bar by the Proprietor, about 7:55 pm.

Public relations officer with the Barnados Poilce Service, Acting Inspector Rodney Inniss, provided the following details about the person:

“This individual has been mention under similar circumstances previously at the Black Rock Police Station on April 23 2020. He is a special needs individual and there are some obvious challenges in communication.

“We are mindful of this and we will be working with his parent/guardians and relevant social and welfare agencies to rectify this situation, hopefully to reduce the likelihood of him wandering again.”

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