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Haiti: Transitional Council announces finalisation of political agreement

April 6, 2024

CMC – The members of Haiti’s Presidential Transitional Council (CPT) late Friday announced the finalisation of the political agreement between all stakeholders involved in the establishment of the Council.

In a press release, signed by all nine members of the council, it was revealed that the political agreement has been finalised between the different political, economic and civil society sectors which constitute it.

“This agreement, which has been harmonised with the decree document on the organisation and operation of the CPT, will be immediately signed by the stakeholders and then the two documents will be officially transmitted to the Government, via CARICOM, the body facilitating the dialogue process,” the release stated.

“The political agreement expresses a common vision of the transition constructed by the sectors and represents a responsible commitment to the Haitian people. It indicates the broad outlines of the road map for the transition period that the Presidential Council will be responsible for executing, jointly with the next consensus government, with the aim of putting the country back on the path to stability, peace, union and progress.”

This agreement also presents the mode of political governance of the transition as well as its mission, its vision and the main responsibilities of its institutional structures.

Depending on the framework of the planned interventions, the priority actions will be – the restoration of public scrutiny; the organisation of the National Conference and Constitutional Reform; the holding of democratic, credible and participatory general elections; the restoration of justice and the rule of law and institutional and economic recovery.

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