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Heatwave advisory issued for Grenada

April 6, 2024

CMC – The Meteorology Office at the Maurice Bishop International Airport has issued its first heatwave advisory for 2024 and Grenadians are being warned to take the necessary precautionary measures to cope with the weather occurrence that is creating temperatures beyond 31.7 degrees Celsius.

“Today marks the 8th consecutive day with temperatures above 31.7 degrees Celsius at Point Salines. With low rainfall and relatively high temperatures expected for the next few days a heatwave advisory has been issued for the state of Grenada,” said the advisory which is valid for the next 48 hours.

In a statement the Met Office advised citizens that some of the coping measures are avoiding closed spaces, drinking plenty of water to remain hydrated, dressing appropriately and taking care of the elderly and the very young.

Between June and October 2023, the Met Office issued several heatwave advisories as temperatures crossed the 31.7 degrees Celsius mark. Gerard Tamar, Head of the Grenada Met Office said that traditionally the heat season is between June and September but there has been a steady change over the years.

“We have statistical data here at Point Salines going back to 1985, so we have more than the 30-year climatic average. In climatology the average is to go back 30 years. The data is showing we are getting hotter, every valuation of temperature, it is showing we are getting hotter, not only in Grenada or the Caribbean but globally,” Tamar said in an interview conducted during the 2023 heatwave period.

A 2021 study funded by the Pan American Health Organisation shows that besides heat-related illnesses such as dehydration, heat cramps, heat stroke, and accelerated death from respiratory diseases there is the added risk of increased deaths from heat waves. The most vulnerable are outdoor workers.

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