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Jamaica’s PM condemns killing of student

April 27, 2024

CMC – Prime Minister Andrew Holness has vowed that the state will not bow to criminality and lawlessness, with the upsurge in violence at schools islandwide.

Holness made the pledge as he condemned the brutal killing of Carson Barrett, a 16-year-old student of the Grange Hill High School in the western parish of Westmoreland.

Holness also stressed that criminals who target children should expect no mercy.

Carson was shot and killed on Thursday while walking home from school with a female schoolmate, who was also injured in the incident. However, her injuries are not considered life-threatening.

Investigators say ongoing gang conflict between the Kings Valley gang and the Ants Posse gang is behind Thursday’s deadly attack.

“The incident and violence in all its forms must be condemned by all Jamaicans and children must be free to attend school and live in an environment that promotes peace and safety to help them fulfill their dreams and aspirations,” he said.

Noting that the legal framework is in place to decisively deal with gangs, the Prime Minister said law enforcers are equipped with resources to apprehend gangsters and preserve peace in communities.

Pointing out that youngsters are being groomed for gangs, Holness said “the government is taking decisive steps to bolster the laws and equip the police to go after gangsters”.

The Prime Minister also reassured stakeholders in the education sector that the Government will continue to act in their best interest to create a safe environment for learning.

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