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Nearly half of Haitians acutely hungry

October 29, 2022
Scenes of desperation in Haiti. (CMC)

CMC – Almost half the population of Haiti is currently experiencing high levels of acute food insecurity. 

This is based on the latest analysis which shows a major deterioration of the food crisis in Haiti affecting 4.7 million people.

According to Plan International – a global child rights organisation – Haiti is one of the hungriest countries on earth and women and girls are bearing the brunt of it. 

In commenting on the crisis, Plan International’s Programme Specialist,  Anaëlle Canez, since July of this year, Plan International has been responding to the hunger crisis in the south-east department of Haiti, but the ongoing violence and fuel shortages in the country have made access difficult.

“Our main concern is focused on women and girls. Not only are we challenged with getting enough funds to provide food and other crucial elements, with the current crisis in the country it is almost impossible to move around. The fuel shortages and daily violence are affecting how and where we can work and urgent supplies are not getting where they should be. In the end it is the women and girls who pay the price,” she noted.

Recent research by Plan International on the impact of the hunger crisis on women and girls in communities in Haiti’s south-east, found evidence of discrimination against them, including, often receiving less food than men and boys. 

The research shows that on average, women in 87% of households receive a lower food ration than men, compared with 12% of women who receive the most. Girls in 58% of households receive a lower food ration than boys.

The hunger crisis has also forced some girls to engage in sexual activities in exchange for food or money. 

This has directly resulted in numerous cases of unwanted and early pregnancies according to the research.

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