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T&T: Public warned against illegal importation of livestock

February 1, 2024

CMC – The Trinidad and Tobago government has warned the public against purchasing illegal livestock and agricultural products imported into the country.

“I strongly caution against the purchase of items stemming from illegal imports. These actions not only impact our communities but also have severe health implications. We cannot compromise the wellbeing of our families and loved ones, so I urge everyone to be proactive in safeguarding our environment and public health,” said Agriculture, Land and Fisheries Minister, Kazim Hosein.

A government statement said that Hosein has embarked on a comprehensive tour of key sites across the southern peninsula, in a proactive move to sensitise the public on the health risks associated with the importation of illegal produce.

It said that the tour is aimed at assessing challenges and engaging with key agricultural stakeholders and that of particular concern during the tour was the rampant illegal importation of agricultural products and wildlife, a threat that poses significant risks to both the environment and public health.

“Our purpose today is to bring awareness to the public regarding the illegal importation of animals. Citizens must be cautious of the illegal importation of animals and animal products. This illicit activity not only poses a threat to our local ecosystems but also jeopardises the lives and livelihoods of our citizens,” Hosein added.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries said it remains committed to taking decisive actions against illegal activities that compromise the integrity of the agricultural sector and endanger public health.

“The tour reaffirms the government’s dedication to fostering awareness and collaboration within communities to ensure a sustainable and secure agricultural future for Trinidad and Tobago,” it added.

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