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March 8th, 2022

You may know of LaShawna Griffith as an award-winning writer but have you noticed her ability to cross-examine the Barbadian society while demanding change through her words?

The 28-year-old author has made waves with her poetry and is one of the everyday women CBC News is highlighting from today, International Women’s Day and during March which is recognised as Women’s History Month.

LaShawna shared a recent piece with CBC News about a personal experience while taking public transportation. In it, she speaks out against an experience that many women share as they traverse Barbados daily – verbal harassment.

LaShawna is on a mission to help men and even some women who engage in street harassment to understand the negatively impact of the practice

She explains that the piece, “Seven Words,” was written to provide some sense of solidarity among women who experience street harassment, as well as a call to action:

“It is really to sensitise the public, as well as to allow other women who may have experienced this to know that they’re not alone.

“Because this is something that happens too often and I find that in Barbados it is because that we have almost normalized rape culture, to the point that it is almost approved behaviour.”

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