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Ta-shasher gets an opportunity of a lifetime

March 23rd, 2022

Ta-shasher Mayers is one step closer to the world’s biggest stage.

The beautician who has developed quite the reputation as a colour specialist hopes to take her services to Hollywood one day and she is on her way to doing just that.

Ta-shasher got an opportunity of a lifetime earlier this year, when she was asked to work on the set of an international music video being shot in Barbados; a chance she quickly jumped on.

She received a call asking her to work at the set “on a Monday and by the Thursday through to Saturday we were filming”.  

Ta-shasher stressed that her experience proves that networking and having a good reputation can create unexpected opportunities:

This goes back to integrity and treating people properly. I was able to get a recommendation from a friend’s daughter because of kindness and the reputation I have developed.

“This goes back to the importance of living your life where you try to treat people the way you want to be treated.”

She also emphasised the importance of always being prepared in whatever field you may be in. Stressing that her faith in God has helped her to develop the positive attitude needed to expect opportunities even when none seem available, the hairstylist urged others to “be prepared”:

“If I was not prepared when I got that phone call for that international music video I would not have been able to take on the task.

“I am always preparing myself and getting up every morning expecting a phone call and check even my junk mail daily, because I know with each opportunity God gives you it gets bigger, so from this my expectancy can only go bigger.”

While her outlook is for even greater things, this is not the only time Ta-shasher’s exceptional work has been recognised. She was one of the nominees for “Hairstylist Of The Year,” during the recent Gine On People’s Choice Awards. And that’s not all. She previously experienced what it’s like on an international set, when part of Season 12 of the American reality show, “The Bachelor,” was filmed in Barbados.

CBC News cannot provide details on the artiste who was shooting the music video at this time, as it has not been released as yet.

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