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Demolition work taking place at the Kool Acres shanty town on Monday morning. (Photo -Tribune)

Bahamian Police arrest several illegal immigrants

November 9, 2023

NASSAU, Bahamas CMC – Several undocumented migrants who were living in a shanty town that was recently demolished were apprehended by the authorities this week.

According to Immigration Minister Alfred Sears, the undocumented persons used to live in the Kool Acres shanty town and they were arrested after being unable to prove their legal status in the country.

“Those persons were taken (and) processed in the detention centre to be presented to court,” he added. “I will have to get a briefing to see where the process is with respect to those persons.”

Last week, Works and Family Island Affairs Minister Clay Sweeting, said 162 structures in the Kool Acres and All Saints shanty towns would be demolished as part of the government’s wider strategy to rid the country of unregulated communities.

Those exercises officially began last Monday despite a blaze that tore through the Kool Acres shanty town on the weekend, engulfing more than 70 homes.

Speaking with the Tribune newspaper, the residents said they had nowhere to go with little funds on hand.

 Sweeting suggested that work permit sponsors are legally required to care for those they employ.

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