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Photo: EU’s Ambassador to Haiti vdStefano Gatto and Haiti's Economy Minister Michel Patrick Boisvert, sign the agreement. (CMC)

EU helping to improve Haiti’s education sector

December 13, 2023

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti, CMC –  The European Union (EU) is providing Euros 18 million (One Euro=US$1.29 cents) to finance the first phase of a programme to improve the education sector in Haiti.

The EU’s Ambassador to Haiti, Stefano Gatto and Economy Minister, Michel Patrick Boisvert, signed the agreement to fund the programme titled “Education for living together”.

The authorities said that the main objectives of this programme, are to strengthen governance and management of the education system, improve access to inclusive education in areas affected by the earthquake, build school infrastructure to anti-seismic and climate standards and improve the quality offer of training technical and professional consistent with the needs of the Haitian economy.

It will be implemented in the Great South, a region frequently affected by natural disasters, and in the North East, a Department with high potential for economic growth.

“This is an economic and social development programme which will affect more than 300,000 students,” said Education Minister Nesmy Manigat, who was present at the signing ceremony.

He said the programme will reinforce initiatives to support the reconstruction of the education sector in the Southern Peninsula too frequently and heavily affected by earthquakes and tropical storms.

Beyond the construction of school buildings in prioritised areas, the programme takes into account the aspect of technical and professional training with support which will be directed towards local partners operating in this area’s education sub-sector.

Manigat said he believes this will be an opportunity to move forward with the project to create technical high schools including the Ouanaminthe Agricultural Technical High School.

Ambassador Gatto reiterated the EU’s commitment to helping guarantee the right of children and young people in Haiti to quality education, which he said is essential for the development of the French-speaking Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country.

The diplomat said the programme with an emphasis on technical and professional training is also aimed at better preparing young people to enter the job market, especially in the North-East, a department displaying good potential for economic growth.

“The strengthening of education at all levels, including technical and professional training, remains one of the priorities of the government which is aware of the preponderant role of education as a as a determining factor in prosperity, the development of the population and the consolidation of national unity,” said the Economy Minister.

The second phase of the project is estimated at Euros 24 million.

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