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St. Vincent: Relatives worried about missing crew

February 15, 2023

CMC – In St. Vincent and the Grenadines, relatives of three people reported missing at sea almost a week ago, say while they are “devastated” they are still hopeful about the men being found.

Captain Grafton Farrell, 51, along with fellow Vincentian, Raymond R. Snagg, 51, and Grenadian, Anthony St. Hilliare, 60, were aboard the Grenada-registered MV Minerva, which had set sail from the southern Grenadine island of Canouan for the Dutch island of St. Maaren and have not been heard from.

“I am very, very frustrated. I am not in my right state of mind. My family is devastated. We are frustrated but still trying to think positive,” said Cindy Farrell, the sister of the captain.

The 46-foot-long wooden vessel was scheduled to arrive in St. Maarten between Friday night and Saturday morning.

Farrell said that her brother would usually contact them as soon as he arrived in St. Maarten, but so far this has not happened and efforts to contact hi as well as been unsuccessful.

The MV Minerva with a three-member crew, is missing at sea since last week.

She said she has already reported the matter to the police in Kingstown and the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard.

Farrell said she has also contacted the owner of the boat, who said he was worried because he had expected to hear from the crew as soon as they arrived in St. Maarten and he had not heard from them.

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