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OJ Simpson dies of cancer at age 76

April 11, 2024
Photo: Isaac Brekken/Getty Images via NPR

OJ Simpson died Wednesday at age 76.

His family announced his passing on social media.

They said he lost his battle with prostate cancer, surrounded by his children and grandkids.

The former NFL star and broadcaster’s athletic achievements brought him fame.

But they were eclipsed by his 1995 acquittal in the brutal killings of his ex-wife Nicole Brown-Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

He later lost a multi-million dollar wrongful death suit brought by the families of his ex-wife and Goldman.

In 2007, police arrested him in Las Vegas on several felony charges including kidnapping and armed robbery.

Simpson and armed accomplices raided a hotel room in what he called an attempt to just get back some of his stolen belongings.

He went to jail — and was released on parole nine years later.

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