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BL&P donates radios to DEM

August 24th, 2021

The Department of Emergency Management is now better equipped to carry out its post emergency work thanks to a gift of 90 Ham radios from the Barbados Light & Power Company. The donation was made at the Radisson Hotel in Aquatic Gap, St. Michael.

The BL&P’s Managing Director Roger Blackman hails the initiative as a community give-back opportunity and says the work the DEM does in the aftermath of a disaster is critical to the island.

In expressing gratitude for the gift, Director of the DEM Kerry Hinds says her agency has a fruitful partnership with the Barbados Light and Power.

Adding 2021 has already served up challenges like the passage of Hurricane Elsa and the ash fall from St. Vincent’s La Soufriere, Ms. Hinds says donations like these are vital to the DEM.

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