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Barbados the least corrupt CARICOM country

January 30, 2024

Barbados has been identified as the least corrupt country within CARICOM.

This is according to the latest Transparency International report, which ranks Barbados highest among CARICOM countries with a rank of 24 and a score of 69, followed by the Bahamas at 30 with a score of 64.

The rating agency had St. Vincent and the Grenadines ranked at 36th, followed by Dominica in the 42nd spot, St. Lucia the 45th and Grenada 49th.

Jamaica is ranked 69th, Trinidad and Tobago 76th, Guyana 87th, the same as Suriname, while Haiti is ranked 172nd.

Venezuela, Haiti and Nicaragua have the lowest scores in the region, with widespread impunity and a lack of independence of the judiciary.

Transparency International said in Latin America and the Caribbean, the lack of independence and transparency of the judiciary, promotes corruption and the undue influence of political and economic elites.

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