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CBB: No fake notes received

July 11, 2023

The Central Bank of Barbados has issued a statement in response to a video circulating purporting to show a counterfeit bill from the newest series of banknotes.

The Bank suggests the note, which it acknowledges has some of the genuine security features, appears to have to come into contact with a harsh chemical that removed some of the ink.

The CBB says to date, it has not received any fake notes from the 2022 polymer nanknote series, but reminds the public they are not impossible to counterfeit.

Anyone with a note they suspect to be counterfeit is advised to take it to a commercial bank or to the Central Bank.

The Bank is also encouraging people to continue to check their money using the security features incorporated in them.

These features include a transparent window near the bottom of the note and an image embedded in the window that catches the light on lower denominations and changes colour on higher denominations.

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