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Climate change compensation call

April 23, 2024

Today the 166th Regular Session of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights heard an urgent call from Barbados, to intervene in compensating states which do not contribute to climate change, but yet are affected by the phenomena.

Public International Lawyer Professor Robert Volterra submits that Barbados is only concerned with the fourth obligation under the convention arising from climate change.

It places an obligation on states whose conduct contributed to climate change, to provide restitution to states that did not and don’t have the physical or financial space to ameliorate its harms.

Director General of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Ambassador Donna Forde, says without affirmative action climate change will erode the livelihoods of Barbadians and some of the island’s major tourist attractions.

She says Barbados is not one of the countries which causes climate change, but notes the island is predicted to be one of the worst affected.

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