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April 15, 2024

Barbados is experiencing a shortage of drugs, including a specific brand of insulin.

But Acting Director of the Barbados Drug Service, Delores Mascoll is assuring diabetic patients there’s a readily available substitute.

Ms. Mascoll, speaking to the media following a donation of equipment by the High Commissioner of India, says the shortage, which has been ongoing for about two months, isn’t only with generic products, but also branded products, which is not normal.

She stressed the problem is at the manufacturer level and not the supplier level.

Ms. Mascoll says the Drug Service usually issues a biennial tender for all needed supplies.

Ms. Mascoll adds if suppliers are unable to source drugs, they will look outside of Barbados.

However, she says it is unclear as to how long the shortage will last, and when the drug will be back on the shelves.

In a press release issued late this afternoon the Ministry of Health named the drug they are experiencing supply challenges with as Humulin 70/30.

The ministry notes there are currently thirteen brands of insulin available to all beneficiaries.

Patients are advised in the event they are unable to source Humuli they should consult with their physicians about a comparable product.

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