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Hopes that DLP’s fracture can be repaired

April 22, 2024

Two political pundits remain hopeful the deep fracture within the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) can be repaired.

Their comments come in the wake of the internal conflict escalating over the weekend, as General Secretary Steve Blackett tabled a no-confidence motion in Political Leader Ralph Thorne.

Pollster and Political Commentator Peter Wickham says it will do the party well to stop airing its dirty laundry in public, and settle any scores behind closed doors.

Mr. Wickham says there is no question the DLP is at an all-time low, but suggestions it is completely dead are overstated.

Meanwhile, Political Scientist, Dr. George Belle suggests a neutral figure may be able to steer the political leader and party president in the right direction.

He says from what can be observed, there is no political person within the party who has the prestige or capacity to contain the fractions.

Dr. Belle suggests the likes of former Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, former Party Leader Verla De Peiza, or Former Minister Chris Sinkler.

However, he says the idea could be challenged by either side as it has no standing within the constitution, but if there was a challenge he foresaw it would be from Dr. Yearwood’s side.

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