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Mount Gay receives Bonsucro certification

March 16th, 2022

Mount Gay Distilleries Limited is now a Bonsucro certified company.

A global membership organisation, Bonsucro promotes sustainable sugar cane production, processing and trade around the world.

Managing Director of Mount Gay Raphael Grisoni says the certification is a proud moment for the company.

He says “for the past four years, 100 percent of our imported molasses has been Bonsucro certified. So achieving certification was a natural progression for the company as it tied in perfectly with our commitment to the sustainability of the communities producing this product for us”.

He continued “It also further reinforced Mount Gay’s pledge to protect not only sugar cane and its by-products, but also the land and water we use in our production and, of course, the welfare of our employees, as we play our part in creating a more sustainable future for this valued crop and all involved”.

Grisoni adds the certification was another landmark in the company’s history as it celebrates 319 years of existence. He says their work does not end there, as they are working to achieve Bonsucro certification for the sugarcane estate in St. Lucy by year-end or early 2023.

The top company official says staff played an important part in the citation and it has strengthened their resolve to strive for higher heights.

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