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Next steps after Sankofa Pilgrimage

May 13, 2024

Talks have started about the possibility of establishing a Barbados-based airline to facilitate direct flights to Africa.

The revelation from retired Liberian Diplomat, Ambassador Llewellyn Witherspoon.

Mr. Witherspoon, the organiser of the Sankofa Pilgrimage which brought hundreds of people with Barbadian roots from Liberia, was a guest on the People’s Business.

He has identified direct connectivity between the island and West Africa as a key issue that could challenge reintegration efforts.

Ambassador Witherspoon says having to obtain a visa to transit through the UK, US or Europe is another challenge.

According to him, it can be a costly endeavour and there is no guarantee a person’s application will be granted.

The Ambassador also confirmed plans are already being made to organise a similar trip for Barbadians to Liberia.

He spoke about the profound impact of his visit to the community formerly known as Irish Town in St. Thomas, where his great-great-grandfather is believed to have last lived and worked.

Meanwhile, Chief Archivist Ingrid Thompson, says efforts are being made to complete the story of those Barbadian emigrants.

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