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‘Worst day in Israel’s history’

November 16, 2023

A former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. has suggested a form of temporary international neo-trusteeship in the interim until the creation of a Palestinian State.

Such scenarios have been put into play in Kosovo and East-Timor before attaining independence.

Alon Pinkas says the State of Palestine cannot emerge at this time as he questioned if Israel will work with the U.S. on a two-state solution.

The Ambassador was among the panel for the University of the West Indies Vice-Chancellor’s Forum for a discussion titled “The Grab for Gaza: The Israel-Palestine Conflict: Causes, Concerns, and Consequences”.

Ambassador Pinkas admitted the recent attack by Hamas was the worst day in Israel’s history.

While acknowledging the ongoing war is horrendous he stresses it is not a conventional one.

He reminded of the role the Israeli Prime Minister has played in the strengthening of Hamas to undermine the Palestinian authority in the West Bank.

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