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BDS explains changes to insulin protocol

April 16, 2024

In an effort to maintain the viability of the benefit programme under the Barbados Drug Service (BDS), changes have been made to the protocol for issuing insulin.

Word of this from Acting Director of the Service, Delores Mascoll.

Changes made to the Barbados Drug Formulary took effect from April 1 this year, where diabetic patients who were previously issued with up to five diabetic pens, have now been reduced to two pens per month.

In a release issued by the Government Information Service, the Drug Service noted it pays for a maximum of two pens per client per month.

However, this new protocol does not affect visually impaired people and those 18 years and under.

Individuals in the above classes will continue to receive four Apidra SoloSTAR pens, and/or five of the other available pens, as long as prescriptions are filled at Government pharmacies.

Ms. Mascoll stresses that health officials need to maintain the viability of the programme.

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