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Region continues to suffer from trafficking of illegal weapons

March 29, 2023

Over the weekend, Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley was in Canada where she attended a fundraiser held by the Barbados Canada Foundation in support of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

It was dubbed “Bring on the Spring”.

In her address, she expressed alarm at the ease in which people in the US are able to get automatic weapons.

Prime Minister Mottley says the region continues to suffer from the trafficking of illegal firearms as she called out countries who refuse to curtail the sale of automatic weapons in spite of the clear evidence of the impact.

She reiterated a statement made by the Chairman of CARICOM, Philip Davis, stressing the right to bear arms is not the right to traffic arms.

Ms. Mottley impressed on Barbadians wherever they are in the world to become active citizens in supporting Barbados.

Despite recent setbacks, she is confident the country can become world class by the year 2030.

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